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See below some of the popular slogans chosen by customers. From Rugby Hero to Dancing Queen; Born Wild to Chillax - there is a slogan for everyone!

You can also include your favourite team or create your own - just let your imagination run riot...




Born to Surf

Born to Rock

100% Chilled

Born to Sail

Star in the making

Sun Worshipper

Tennis Champ

Born to Perform


Team GB

Music is the answer

Fun in the Sun!

Rugby Hero

Dancing Queen

I’ll do it tomorrow

Go [Fulham]

Karaoke King

Born Wild

Born to Run

Guitar Hero


Petrol Head

Born to Dance

Cornwall Rocks

King of the Kayak

Rock ‘till you drop

It wasn’t me…

Ski Champ

Drama Queen


Surf Champion

Sun Dance Kid

Beach Babe

Major [Man U] Fan

Rock Chick

Wild Child

Surf Champion!

Music Maker

Combat Kid

Wave Rider

Star of stage and screen…

Babe Magnet

King of the Slopes

Total Diva

Life is for living!

Football mad

I’m with the band

Sand Lizard Beach Club

Born to race

Forever 21