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Unique blend - Our candles are made with a unique soya and rapeseed vegetable oil blend from natural plant sources only

Kind to the environment - As raw materials these are sustainable and kind to the environment

No paraffin - Our natural plant wax candles are not produced from petroleum-based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax products

Natural scents - Our candles are naturally coloured and subtly scented with fine fragrances & pure essential oils – they contain no petroleum-based dyes or fragrances

Clean - Our candles burn cleanly with hardly any soot produced

Reed Diffusers – Our diffuser base is alcohol and VOC free with natural rattan reeds that draw up the fragrance to scent the room

Long lasting - Our candles have long burn times and our diffusers last well

Ethical - All the materials that we use are ethically sourced

Packaging – Our products are packaged using recycled cardboard, paper & glass

Made in England for SL Scents